We offer the following Services

  • Comprehensive assessments with detailed reports.
  • Individualised therapy sessions (45 mins) at home, school, our clinic and in the community.
  • Peer group sessions in our clinic:  Children are paired with another child —of similar age and ability— who is working towards similar goals and can increase social skills and negotiation while building overall gross and fine motor skills.
  • School and organisational training and services.

Fees & Charges

Medicare Rebate

A number of Medicare rebates may be available to use for occupational therapy. What options are available depends upon your child’s diagnosis and should be discussed in more detail with your GP.

General Practitioner Management Plan (GPMP)

Previously/also known as Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC)

This plan is available to anyone “with at least one medical condition that has been (or is likely to be) present for at least six months, or is terminal” and provides a rebate for five sessions annually of allied health services (which include occupational therapy and speech and language therapy). As at August 2017, the rebate is $52.95 per session.

Stock image of young girl displaying paited hands
Stock image of a young disabled girl drawing

School & Organisation Training

Schools, preschools and other organisations can benefit from education relating to any of the areas that an Occupational Therapist specialises in. These topics include School Readiness, Alert Program (attention & concentration), fine motor skills, handwriting, visual perception, sensory processing, self-care skills, normal development. Education packages are tailored to suit participant’s requirements and range from informal consultations to formal lecture-style presentations. The length and cost of each package is determined on an individual basis.

Student assessments and a full range of therapeutic intervention can occur within the school.

Please contact Stepping Stones OT to discuss an education package for your organisation.